Caroline Nyaguthi

Major Results / Key Achievements

  • Cabbage Patch 10, UK 2017 – 3rd – 57:55
  • Swansea Bay 10k, UK 2017 – 2nd – 32:42
  • Mwea Classic 10k,¬†Kenya 2017 – 8th – 33:50


Caroline signed in Summer 2017, having progressed in her training under Run-Fast coach Bruce Lati in Embu, Kenya. After proving her fitness with an 8th place finish in the Mwea Classic 10k, she came to the UK for a series of races that autumn, highlighted by a runner-up finish at the Swansea Bay 10k in 32:42.

Caroline will continue training and racing in Kenya as she aims for a 10k road race overseas towards the end of this year.