Japhet Koech

Run-Fast International

Major Results / Key Achievements

  • Jersey Marathon, UK 2017 – 3rd position – 2:30:26
  • Edinburgh Marathon, UK 2017 – 3rd position – 2:20:33
  • Bournemouth Marathon, UK 2015 – 3rd position – 2:21:19
  • Edinburgh Marathon, UK 2014 – 2nd position – 2:16:29


Japhet Koech is a marathon runner who originally hails from Keiyo in Kenya and now resides in Iten, The Home of Champions. It was in Iten that Japhet met journalist and author Adharanand Finn, who was doing research into why Kenyan athletes are such great runners. Japhet became close friends with Adharanand and featured prominently in the his award winning book “Running with the Kenyans”.

In 2014 Japhet competed at the Edinburgh Marathon where he took 2nd place in a personal best time of 2:16: 29. The result was particularly important to Japhet after his attempt at the same course in 2013. Then a solo athlete, his trip to Edinburgh had been crowd-funded by members of the public who had read about Japhet in Running with the Kenyans. Unfortunately he was blighted on his journey which ultimately took him fours days and he raced, exhausted, into 5th place in 2:21.

Now a fully fledged member of team Run-Fast, Japhet is a great example of someone who never gives up, and is one of the best characters you will ever meet. In addition to his running career he has also turned his hand to motivational speaking.