Louise Webb

Run-Fast Birmingham

Major Results / Key Achievements

  • 5th World Youths 2k s/c 2007
  • 3rd European Junior Championships 3k s/c
  • 3rd British Championships 3k s/c 2016
  • 2k s/c Senior record holder (6.26.08)


I’m currently juggling working full-time in Birmingham city centre at a recruitment agency with being a competitive athlete. Sometimes it involves doing my tempos down the canal on the way to work!

Who is your sporting hero?

Paula Radcliffe

How did you get involved in competitive running?

When I was in year 3 my mum took me down to the year 3 to year 6 Southampton primary school cross country races which happened every Friday after school. The first week I cried all the way around and came 62nd, but the second week loved it and came 7th! Haven’t looked back since – thanks mum!

What are your goals for 2017?

I would love to qualify for the World Championships in London in the steeplechase.