Luka Rotich

Major Results / Key Achievements

  • Santiago Marathon, Chile 2018 – 1st position – 2:12:10
  • Santiago Marathon, Chile 2017 – 1st position – 2:09:39 – Course Record
  • Santiago Marathon, Chile 2016 – 2nd position – 2:11:44
  • Casablanca Marathon, Morocco 2015 – 3rd position – 2:11:03
  • Santiago Marathon, Chile 2015 – 1st position – 2:11:52
  • Ottawa Marathon, Canada 2013 – 2nd position – 2:08:11
  • Ville de Béjaia Half Marathon, Algeria 2013 – 2nd position – 1:00:02
  • Lago Maggiore Half Marathon 2013 – 1:00:14 – 1st position
  • Wachau Half Marathon 2013 – 1:01:15 – 1st position
  • Robin Hood Half Marathon 2012 – 1:01:39 – 1st position – Course Record
  • Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon 2012 – 1:02:25 – 1st position
  • Victory 5 Mile 2012 – 22:57– 1st position – Course Record


Luka is one of Run-Fast’s rising stars.  He first came to compete in the UK in September 2012. Winning all of his races and breaking several course records, including one of Edwin Kipyego’s. He had a big breakthrough in 2013 winning the Lago Maggiore Half Marathon in Italy in what was a personal best time of 60.14, which placed him 11th in the world rankings. He then went on to break this time again at the Ville de Béjaia Half Marathon, finishing in 60.02.  This capped a rather startling rise to fame from his first professional race only 6 months prior to this.

Hired to pace the elite men’s group at the Ottawa Marathon 2013 to 35km, Luka without specific marathon preparation decided at 35km with only one competitor left that he would continue in the race and finished 2nd position, with a course record-breaking time of 2:08:11.

Hailing from a farming background, Luka has four sisters and three brothers and is the only runner in his family. He puts his race winnings towards the education of the two of his sisters who are still in school. Luka excelled at sports in school but particularly in running. Achieving success as district champion, Luka decided to take up running as a career and moved away from his family to Eldoret in order to train.