Paskalia Chepkorir

Run-Fast International

Major Results / Key Achievements

  • Delhi Half Marathon, India 2017 – 6th position – 68:47
  • Durban 10km, South Africa 2017 – 2nd position – 31:47
  • Boilermaker 15km, USA 2017 – 3rd position – 49:23
  • Port Gentil 10km, Gabon 2017 – 3rd position – 32:08
  • Ottawa 10km, Canada 2017 – 2nd position – 32:08
  • Yangzhou Half, China 2016 – 3rd position – 1:07:58
  • Rio de Janeiro Half, Brazil 2012 – 1st position – 1:07:17
  • Santos 10km, Brazil 2012 – 1st position – 30:57
  • Big 25 Berlin, Germany 2010 – 3rd position – 1:26:47


Paskalia is an international athlete who competes at the highest level and has an array of world-class times to her name. Her personal best time for 10km (road) of 30:57 is inside the top thirty fastest performances of all-time over that distance.

A competitive athlete since the age of fourteen when she won silver at the 2003 World youth Athletics Championships, Paskalia won bronze at the World Half Marathon Championships in Bulgaria in 2012. She was selected to run for her country again at the same Championships in March 2016, held in Cardiff in Wales, where her time of 69:44 helped Kenya win team gold. A month later she clocked 67:58 at the IAAF Gold Label Yangzhou Jianzen Half Marathon in China.

Paskalia has continued her fine form into 2017, clocking 32:08 at the Ottawa 10k in May and 49:23 at the Boilermaker 15k in July. She will be racing in two major European half-marathons this autumn before making her marathon debut towards the end of the year.

Paskalia lives and trains in Kapsabet near Eldoret.