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Two Wins In One Day For Joan Chelimo

The Poole Festival of Running is a great weekend of events and somewhere that Team Run-Fast always enjoy going to.

Joan Chelimo wins Poole 10k

Boniface Kiprop Kongin defended his Poole 10km title comfortably, finishing one minute ahead of British 100km record holder Steve Way, who was getting in some speed work for the Commonwealth Games marathon. Pulling away from the gun, Boniface built up a sizeable lead and cruised to an easy win, enjoying the support he received from the crowd.

Poole 10k

Just a few hours before the race in Poole, Joan Chelimo stepped down from her usual distance of 10km, winning (and only narrowly missing out on the course record) the 2nd edition of the Gosport Golden Mile, a full minute a head of the next lady. Lacing up her racing shoes for the second time that day, Joan ran cautiously over the first of the two laps of Poole Park to conserve her energy. She kept up a good tempo, winning once again with plenty of time to spare.

Poole 10k